Bombshell Rides Lubbock
Bombshell Rides Lubbock

The Texas Homestead Exemption in a Nutshell
Texas homestead law is frequently misconstrued by judgment creditors in Texas who only want to collect money that the courts have said is to be paid. In my experience I find that judgment creditors simply do not understand exactly why a debtor can easily get away with not taking care of a legal judgment while residing in an expensive homestead which can not be seized in order to pay the judgment. Let's take a brief look at Texas homestead law and I will try to clarify the protections in place.

Semi-Custom Car Covers vs Custom
There's a bit of confusion about the difference between semi-custom car covers and custom car covers A lot of people don't know that there's a difference, or if they know, what exactly that difference is

Texas: a truly full of "sunshine" vibrant city - heat pumps, solar energy, new energy - solar power industry
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